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Choosing the Right Golf Cart for You

What’s The Best Golf Cart For You?

golf cartThere are many golf cart dealers in Columbia, South Carolina and they offer hundreds of different model golf carts.  Trying to find the right golf cart and the right dealer to buy  from can be very difficult and confusing at times.  You need to find the golf cart that best fits your lifestyle and specific needs and also offers superior performance and will last long.

Here are some things to consider when starting to look for your custom golf cart:

  1. GAS vs ELECTRIC –  Both types of golf carts can easily be used to fit any specific need or lifestyle and they are both easy to maintain and take care of.  For leisure and rides through the neighborhood or campground, you may want to choose an electric.  These can easily go 10-20 miles on a single charge as well as being quiet and smooth.  For long rides and rugged terrain, gas would be the best choice.  There’s no hassle of charging the batteries while on the go and these can more easily climb hills and navigate rough areas.  Custom Golf Carts Columbia has many electric and gas golf carts in stock designed to meet any customer’s specific needs and we offer customization to further meet our customers’ needs.
  2. NEW vs USED –  With these 2 options there is a wide range of price difference.  Your financial situation will determine the option you choose for the most part.  However, here at Custom Golf Carts Columbia we offer refurbished golf carts.  We take used golf carts and completely strip them down and rebuild them with new parts so you know you’re getting the highest quality golf carts with maximum performance.
  3. PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY – Rust and damage can cause your golf cart to not only look unattractive but it can also decrease it’s performance and longevity.  Choose an all aluminum frame that is rustproof.  These are more lightweight yet still carry the same amount of durability and strength as a steel frame.  They last longer and hold their appearance better as well.  Custom Golf Carts Columbia uses all aluminum frames on ALL our golf carts.  Our carts are sure to last long and give you the durable functionality you need.
  4. SAFETY – This is a very important part of buying a golf cart.  No matter what you’re using your golf cart for, safety is priority.  Here at Custom Golf Carts Columbia, our knowledgeable personnel can answer any questions you may have about various safety features on our golf carts and even help you customize your golf cart to get the level of safety and peace of mind you desire.
  5. OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES – Every customer’s style and needs are different so finding a golf cart dealer that can accommodate your needs and desires is crucial.  Custom Golf Carts Columbia has thousands of customization options and accessories such as lift kits, custom paint and rims to not only make you comfortable but stylish as well.
  6. WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE – A golf cart is only as good as the company that stands behind it and guarantees customer satisfaction.  Having a warranty and moneyback guarantee is essential in buying a golf cart so that you can rest assured that no matter what happens, you’re covered.  Custom Golf Carts Columbia’s prices include both a warranty and moneyback guarantee for all customers!  With this, you’re guaranteed your very own Custom Golf Cart that not only looks good but can provide you many years of trouble-free use.

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