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Golf Cart Battery Care / Custom Golf Carts Columbia

Golf Cart Battery Care: Water Tips Brand new batteries will use very little water at first, but with average use, will need water about every other month. During the summer please check your batteries once a week to ensure proper golf cart battery care. The humidity and extreme weather will evaporate water at a faster…

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Buy Or Service Your Golf Cart

When you are looking to buy a golf cart or if you are looking for maintenance or accessories for your golf cart use, see us for all your requirements. You can make your specific golf cart more functional and personal along with the number of options that will ensure your ride is more pleasurable and enjoyable. You…

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Choosing the Right Golf Cart for You

Mount Pleasant Golf Carts

What’s The Best Golf Cart For You? There are many golf cart dealers in Columbia, South Carolina and they offer hundreds of different model golf carts.  Trying to find the right golf cart and the right dealer to buy  from can be very difficult and confusing at times.  You need to find the golf cart…

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