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South Carolina

The Search for Golf Carts In South Carolina Has Ended

When one thinks of golf carts, they likely think of the sport. Yes, South Carolina golf carts are typically deployed on the green, but that doesn’t mean you can only find them there. They are, in fact, often considered to be more of a utility vehicle and can be used in a number of different places.

One great example of a golf cart deployment would be in the workplace. For example, you might decide to use one in a large factory to move around a bit faster, or you may use one on your own property. Any area that requires a significant amount of walking is an outstanding candidate for golf carts in South Carolina. The biggest question however, is what sort you want to purchase.


The Gas Method

The oldest type of golf cart, obviously, is the gas cart which operates similar to a typical automobile. You will use typical unleaded gasoline to power the vehicle, though there is one major difference. In a gas powered golf cart, while there IS a key, the cart will be activated by pressing on the gas pedal. Until the pedal is pressed, the cart can be considered ‘turned off’. This model works for the smaller cart, it helps to reduce noise pollution in the area. In addition to that the driver will save significantly on gas, and will not have to worry about the ‘bill’ at the end of the day.

Going Electric

The other method that might be considered is electric, which is becoming more and more popular as time goes by — and with good reason. Electric golf carts use a battery which can be charged at a standard outlet either outdoors or in the garage. It should also be noted that the electric golf cart is now typically being outfitted with a solar panel so that it can collect energy on the trail and therefore last longer. For obvious reasons, solar powered golf carts are becoming much more popular. Choosing the sort of golf cart you need will be a challenge, but you will need to take your environment, among other things into account before you make a definitive choice.

Finding good golf carts in South Carolina is easy, just call us and before you know it, you will have exactly what you need. Maybe you are planning to do some golfing, or maybe you just needed a utility cart to get your things from place to place. No matter what it happens to be, you will certainly enjoy having this outstanding mode of transportation. If you want to add a more personal look to it, make sure you look into our custom golf carts. From the color, to the motor, and even the type of seats within the vehicle, it will all be up to you, and read for your next great adventure on the road, on the green, or somewhere in between in South Carolina. Go Gamecocks!