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Gas Golf Carts

Gas Golf Carts vs. Electric Carts

Looking maybe into gas golf carts? Golf carts are used by a variety of different people. There are some people who use golf carts for what they were first intended for, which is getting people around the golf course, and other use golf carts to go hunting or to drive around to short distances in the street. Since there is a wide array of people who use golf carts for different reasons, they have to be informed about the different types of carts they can use.

The two main carts that people can buy are electric and gas powered. Electric and gas golf carts have their own pros and cons. The only person that can decide which car is right for them as a person who is going to buy them.


This article is going to go over some of the differences between a gas and electric powered golf cart.

Gas Golf Carts

Gas powered golf carts have similar engines to automobiles. They will require engine maintenance regularly in need gasoline to run. The engines that are built for gas powered golf carts are ideal for people who plan to take the cart on uneven grounds and even can be used for towing small items.

The advantages of having gas golf carts is that they have a good amount of horsepower ranging from 11 to 13. Someone who is going to use their car as their mode of transportation should consider a gas powered one.

The reason behind this is because a gas powered cart can run longer than an electric cart since take a gas will last longer than a charge of a battery. Another thing that makes it more readily available is a fact that it can be replaced with gas if it ever runs out of fuel, so the consumer doesn’t have to wait for a battery to regenerate.

The disadvantages of using a gas golf carts is that they are noisier than electric carts. They also require more maintenance because they would need oil changes along with replacements of the filter. The gun store also have to worry about gas prices rising, because this can be an added expense of using a gas cart. In some states they prohibit the use of using a gas powered cart, so users will have to check their local laws. There are some areas in California where they have completely banned the use of carts that are powered by gas. The best place to find the laws that are placed on golf carts is from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Electric Golf Cart:

Electric golf carts work by a rechargeable battery. There is not much maintenance that is needed for these carts and they do not require gas, which reduces the cost to maintain it annually. The horsepower that electric carts usually put out is between 4 to 6, so they are not as strong as gas powered carts.

Some of the advantages of using a electric cart is that it’s less expensive to maintain them. There also better for then fire met because I don’t give off gas emissions and they are quiet when using them.

The disadvantages of using a cart that is ran by electric, is that they don’t have as much horsepower as gas powered carts. The battery must also be charged after every day of use. Replacement battery can be quite expensive and ranging anywhere from five $550-$600.

Choosing between gas golf carts and electric one can be difficult, if you are not sure what your primary use is going to be. The best thing to do is write out a list of things you would like to do with your chart and take it to a dealership and ask what chart will best fit your needs.