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Custom Golf Carts In SC

Getting Custom Golf Carts in SC

Shopping for custom golf carts in SC? Golf carts are used for a variety of reasons. The primary reason people use of carts is to get around the golf course in a quicker and easier way. There are other people who use the golf carts for different reasons, which is why some people want to customize their golf carts. One type of person who may want to customize their cart is a recreational hunter. A hunter may want to customize their cart so that it is camouflaged. This will aid in their hunting experience. A hunter may also choose to lift their cart, so it can travel on terrain and that is on even easier.


Buying custom golf carts in SC may be achievable, but sometimes you have to buy a regular car and customize it yourself or have it professionally done. This article is going to explain how to buy a golf cart that is fit for your desires.

Getting a Used Golf Cart:
If you are planning on customizing your golf cart, you should think about getting a used one to save money. Buying a used cart can save you up to half the cost of getting a new one. A golf cart can be powered by electric batteries or by gas and you can determine which one is right for you below.

Gas Powered Carts:
A gas powered cart is one that can be used on the street or in rougher areas of land. If your plan is to use your cart for hunting than a gas powered cart is the best option. Some people like to customize their golf carts to look like super-cars and these should also use a gas powered cart so you can take them on the street. A gas power cart will have more horsepower, so more people will be able to ride along and you’ll be able to carry more equipment with you. The main disadvantage of having a gas cart, is that they are noisier than electronic carts and they require more maintenance. One will have to make sure they get oil change and to make sure the engine is running properly on a regular basis.

Electric Carts:
Electric powered carts are also useful as well since you do not need any gasoline powered. Electric carts are ran by a battery that has to be charged on a regular basis. The main advantage with a battery powered cart is that they are eco-friendly and they are quite. One can also customize an electric powered cart, if they plan on using it on the field. Electronic powered carts are usually a lot cheaper as well.

Customizing Your Golf Cart:
If you plan on having custom golf carts in SC, you should think about the different accessories you can have put on your cart. You can have the whole car and a custom vinyl cover war you can even decide to put rims on your cart as well. If you don’t want to use of vinyl cover for your cart, there are places in South Carolina that will do custom paint jobs. Having a custom paint job is one of the best ways to make your golf cart unique to others. A popular choice for hunters is getting their golf cart lifted. Getting a golf cart lifted basically means the cart sits higher off the ground, so he can travel over rough terrain easier.

Having custom golf carts in SC will make great sense and you will stick out from the crowd. Reading this article should give you a better idea if you should get an electronic or gas powered cart to customize. Give us a call today to help you build your dream cart!