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Warm Weather Golf Cart Maintenance

Golf Cart Maintenance for hot months

Brand new batteries will use very little water at first, but with average use, will need water about every other month and become a staple procedure for your Golf Cart Maintenance. During the summer, please check your batteries once a week for proper Golf Cart Maintenance . The humidity and extreme weather will evaporate water at a faster rate than during cooler months. As the batteries get older, it takes longer for it to reach a full charge, thus using more water more frequently and emphasizing the importance of warm weather Golf Cart Maintenance to keep your cart top notch.

Common Golf Cart Maintenance mistakes

Undercharging: Leaving the golf cart inactive for over 2 months will reduce the battery life and is not proper Golf Cart Maintenance practice. Continually operating the battery in a partial state of charge, or storing the battery in a discharged state result in the formation of lead sulfate compounds on the plates.
Overcharging: Continuous over charging causes accelerated corrosion of the positive plates, excessive water consumption, and in some cases, damaging temperatures within a lead acid battery. Proper Golf Cart Maintenance recommends that deep cycle batteries should be charged after each discharge of more than 50% of the batteries rated capacity, and/or after prolonged storage of 30 days or more.

Golf Cart Maintenance Key Performance Points

1. 70% of golf cart issues are related to batteries and or connections.
2. Check battery charge before use of cart to ensure Golf Cart Maintenance success. We always recommend a battery meter be installed on your cart to give you a better idea of the state of charge of your batteries.
3. Keeping a clean set of batteries can help proper Golf Cart Maintenance and extend battery life. One way of doing this is to add battery protector to you battery post once a month.
4. Tire pressure can put a drag on the speed of your cart
and stress on your electrical components. Golf Cart Maintenance in the warmer months can help prevent this issue from happening.

5. When cart is not in use, remember to turn your key switch in the off position, engage park brake, and set forward and reverse switch to neutral.

6. Let Custom Golf Carts Columbia & Outdoors service your golf cart at least once a year to insure proper service. Preventative Golf Cart Maintenance means less money out of your pocket in the long run.
Golf Cart Maintenance answers

Warm Weather Golf Cart Maintenance