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Do Golf Cart Dealerships Accept Golf Cart Trade-Ins?

Well we do!! Were you aware that most dealerships that sell electric or gas golf carts also accept golf cart trade-ins? They do, and for a good reason.

Today golf carts are a hot commodity. Unless you are playing on a pro tour in the PGA, the chances are pretty good that the golf club where you play will require your group to use golf carts. But these so-called golf carts are not just used on the golf links — many people also use them at home and at their places of business.

Are you, like many people, under the misconception that used golf carts have no real value? Lots of folks view as they would a used suit of clothing.

golf cart trade ins

The fact is, however, there is a great demand for used golf carts and it is this demand that has hiked up the prices for used carts. These days a good used golf cart brings the seller a tidy chunk of change.

Besides their functionality, many people feel there is a certain prestige in owning their own golf cart. For instance, when you own your own cart you don’t have to rent one every time you go golfing. Golf carts are also very convenient for running errands or getting around inside large factory buildings or huge building complexes.

Because of the demand for used carts today is it no wonder why so many dealers are ready and eager to accept golf cart trade-ins.

When shopping for a new golf cart you will find the process is very much like purchasing a new car. Because of the high demand for used golf carts most dealers eagerly encourage golf cart trade-ins the same way as new car dealers want you to trade in your used car.

Imagine that you are shopping for a new car. When figuring your budget you naturally allow for the car you will be trading in. The shrewd consumer finds the best deal is the one that has the smallest difference between the price paid for his new car minus the trade in price paid for his old car. It is much the same with used golf carts.

We Pay Top Dollar For Golf Cart Trade-Ins

You might wonder what a used golf cart is worth. When you visit a dealership you will find the average new electric golf cart, with a windshield and a top, sells for between $5,000 and $7,000. For that amount you will get a fairly basic cart along with a few very functional add-ons like club covers and a cooler.

A used golf cart, sold by a dealer in good condition, will generally sell for between $2,000 and $5,000. Because you must allow the the dealer to make his or her profit, expect to be paid an amount one-fourth to one-third less for your trade-in. In this case figure on $1,000 to $4,000.

When a dealer chooses to accept golf cart trade-ins, how does he determine the price he will pay? The vehicle age is the all-important factor when evaluating the worth of used cars. However, that is not nearly as true when it comes to evaluating used golf carts. You can’t look at used golf cart evaluations the same way you do automobiles. Unfortunately no one has yet come up with a Golf Cart Blue Book.

Since a golf cart has very few moving parts, the thing that determines the price is generally the way the cart has been maintained. If you are planning on trading in a cart, or selling it on the open market, you will simply need to do some comparison shopping. Find out what comparable carts have sold for and use use that figure to establish your selling price.