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South Carolina golf carts

South Carolina golf carts

Custom Golf Carts Columbia prides themselves on offering the best South Carolina golf carts in the entire state. Custom Golf Carts Columbia is the #1 leader for custom golf cart sales, parts and service in beautiful Columbia, SC and the surrounding Southeastern states. We offer a wide selection of new and used golf carts, parts, service and accessories to meet all our customers’ needs at affordable prices. We can adapt any golf cart to your specific interests and offer all parts and servicing you may need to keep your cart running at top performance.

Custom Golf Carts Columbia has a friendly, knowledgeable staff and a hassle free environment to provide our customers with an easy, convenient buying experience. Browse online at what South Carolina golf carts we have to offer or call us and speak with one of our customer sales representatives.

South Carolina golf carts – service

Custom Golf Carts Columbia is your #1 shop for unparalleled service when you need golf cart service, repair, customization, rebuild, or refurbishing. Our golf cart service department is available at all times to address the smallest of your queries. If your golf cart has been malfunctioning on the field or not running properly, just schedule a check by one of our expert technicians. They can assist you with checking gas and air filters, belts, oil levels, proper operation and speed, and battery terminal coatings among many other possibly dysfunctional components of your cart. Other potential problems your equipment could be facing include insufficient battery water, dirty connections to the battery, lack of lubrication in switches and control links, and maladjusted brakes.

Our experienced staff understand that our customers are busy people with several commitments. Thus, we take the responsibility of making sure your cart’s always good to go when you’re out for some golf or just cruising the area. Besides that, South Carolina golf carts service maintenance checks are recommended by industry experts to be conducted on a regular basis.  We offer the best golf cart service and repair rates in town. We even offer replacement parts and even options to customize for all brands listed above and many more!

Watch our video HERE on what we offer when it comes to service!

South Carolina golf carts – How to contact Custom Golf Carts Columbia:

At Custom Golf Carts Columbia we specialize in building the cart that is right for your life style. People use golf carts in various ways, whether it be hunting, gardening, neighborhood transportation, business use, or pleasure. We build them from mild, to WILD. You can select your own color, wheels and tires, seats and all the accessories that you can think.

Custom Golf Carts Columbia is conveniently located at 855 Chapin Rd in beautiful Chapin, SC. Our business hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 2 PM. Click HERE to send us a message now or call us anytime at (803) 941-7523.


South Carolina golf carts

South Carolina golf carts