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Golf Cart Storage

Golf Cart Storage

Do you live in a climate where you can only use your golf cart part of the year and need golf cart storage? If you want to be sure that your cart functions as well on the first day of spring as it did on the last day of fall, it really helps to invest in good golf cart storage and to preform the right maintenance steps. If you do take care to properly store your vehicle, you can reasonably expect it to work just fine after being stored for several months.

If you do not properly store your vehicle, you may find that your battery or even engine have been damaged. Additionally, you risk damage to the tires.

golf cart storage

Unlike a car, that you probably start every day in the summer or winter, you may not know you have a problem until the damage is already very great.

What to Know About Proper Golf Cart Storage

These are two things that many people neglect when they put their vehicle in golf cart storage:

Batteries and Electrolytes

It might not seem like a big deal, since you do not intend to use your cart for months, but you should fully charge the battery before you park it for the cold season. Also, be sure that the battery’s electrolyte level is at the right level, and you can only do this with a charged battery. If you let the water level go down or your battery run out of charge, you may have permanent damage on your hands when you do try to start the vehicle up after months in storage.

You should be able to check your owner’s manual for instructions. If not, you may be able to find help on the manufacturer’s website or by calling the manufacturer’s customer service number. If you cannot find information, or would rather not bother, you could take your cart for winter storage service to any reputable golf cart service business.

During the winter season, also be sure to check your battery every month. Keeping your battery charged and properly balanced will ensure that you can actually start the cart when you get to use it again in the spring.

Tires and Wheels

Also, be sure to properly inflate the cart’s wheels before putting your golf cart in storage. In cold weather, air actually gets less dense. So wheels that are properly inflated when it is 60 degrees outside may not be properly inflated when it is -20. If possible, you may want to check your tires every month. It really is not a good idea to leave your car sitting on flat tires.

At any rate, check your tires when you pull the cart out of storage because you do not want to drive around on improperly inflated tires for a variety of reasons. This can damage the car, and you will certainly not be able to enjoy engine efficiency. You will have to check your tires, but many golf carts need to be inflated between 12 and 14 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Proper Storage Ensures A Long Life

Of course, the right winter golf cart storage maintenance can help ensure that your cart runs well on the first day you take it out of storage in the spring. Additionally, it also helps preserve your cart better over its entire life. Many owners are surprised to find that their cart may sustain more damage and wear when it is being stored than when it gets used every day. A few steps to ensure proper maintenance during cold winter months can help you enjoy your vehicle for many more years.