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Sportsman Package – Golf Cart

Sportsman Package – Custom Golf Carts Columbia

SPORTSMAN PACKAGE. Golf Cart. Trailer. Orca Cooler. New batteries –

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart New Batteries 2012 Frame
6in A arm lift kit (keeps stock tight turning radius over spindle lift)
22in tires 12in rims (your choice of 12in SS aluminum rim)
Folding rear seat
Lights (Front and Rear)
5 panel mirror
Low voltage light
Tinted Windshield
48 volt
Aluminum frame

Custom Golf Carts Columbia – Where are we located

Custom Golf Carts Columbia is the #1 leader for the sportsman package, custom golf cart sales, parts and service in beautiful Columbia, SC and the surrounding Southeastern states. We offer a wide selection of new and used golf carts, parts, service and accessories to meet all our customers’ needs at affordable prices. We can adapt any golf cart to your specific interests and offer all parts and servicing you may need to keep your cart running at top performance.

Custom Golf Carts Columbia has a friendly, knowledgeable staff and a hassle free environment to provide our customers with an easy, convenient buying experience when looking for your sportsman package. Browse online at what we have to offer or call us and speak with one of our customer sales representatives. We are located at 855 Chapin Rd, Chapin, SC 29036. Conveniently close to all interstates and downtown Columbia, SC. Call us today at 803-941-7523.

Custom Golf Carts Columbia – Why customize your Sportsman Package?

The option of using our custom golf cart painting service (painting, airbrush or hydrographics) on your sportsman package is for those who want to change the way their golf carts look. It is a topic that has been gaining a lot of popularity ever since people started customizing golf carts. If you would like to know more about this service then we heavily suggest that you continue reading for more information. You first have to understand that your cart doesn’t have to remain with the same, dull-looking colors it came with from the manufacturers. Professionals who do works like hydrographics, airbrushing, and painting can re-color your cart’s body into a plethora of custom colors of your choosing. There is the option of DIY (do-it-yourself) but that would require you to have equipment, skill, lots of time, and might end up costing you more than you expected as well as the job looking terrible. Click HERE to see why we believe customization will take your golf cart to the next level!


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