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Why Electric Golf Carts Are The Right Choice

These days many manufacturers are motivated and excited to provide and design a wide range of electric vehicles. This is one reason that electric golf carts have become so popular. There has been a huge leap in how efficient and easy to drive these environmentally friendly carts have become.

There Are Great Reasons To Use Electric Golf Carts Over Gasoline Powered Carts

Electric Golf CartsThe modern electric golf carts are easy to start-up, has great downhill capacity, and easily outperforms less-modern gas powered carts. This is far cry from the clunky electric vehicles of the past. Modern technology has allowed new models to evolve that are equipped with computer controllers for safer and easier driving.

Because of these developments in electronic technology many courses are trading their old gas guzzlers in for better performing electronically driven carts. When you drive one of these newly manufactured electric golf carts you can expect:

6 Benefits of Electric Golf Carts

1. Easy driving and maintenance.

If you just want to get in your cart and go, then a low maintenance electric cart is just what you are looking for. Battery powered carts are specifically designed to be easy to operate. Even if you’ve never driven a golf cart before, you should be able to hop into one of these carts and go..go..go!

2. Watch Your Batter Life

Most batteries in electric golf carts have a long-lasting power charge. This means you can expect to be able to travel about 25 miles before you must recharge the vehicle. This more than enough for the average to large sized golf course.

3. Steady Speed

Electric golf carts are not speed racers! However, they can usually achieve a top speed of 20-MPH. This more than enough speed for the a leisurely drive around the course or the block! The important thing is that you won’t be walking from hole to another.

4. Friendly to the Environment.

Electric vehicles don’t emit carbon monoxide or other hazardous gases into the air. While the batteries aren’t as powerful as a gasoline engine, they produce more than enough power for average use, all without damaging the air your breathe!

4. Fantastic for limited Driving Zones

Electric golf carts are a great choice to navigate company grounds, gated community roads, and golf courses. These vehicles can travel anywhere covered under Neighborhood Electric Vehicle regulations.

6. Nearly silent while operating.

Electric vehicles produce very limited noise while they run. You can expect to enjoy a quite and relaxing ride if you choose an electric powered golf cart. You can use them transport items around the neighborhood, move equipment, or just for an enjoyable day on the course.

Many individuals and businesses are seeing the advantage of using electric carts. Like any piece of equipment, they should only be used for purposes they are designed for. However, they can be both an environmentally friendly and economical choice.

If your are looking for an electric powered cart for personal or business use, come see us, your authorized dealer, today.

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