Husqvarna Blower




Get rid of leaves, straw, grass, dust, cobwebs, sand, gravel and other debris – as well as the hard work. Our blowers range from lift weight to the most powerful backpack blowers. Depending on the size of your job and your demands, we’ll make sure you choose a blower that fits you perfectly.

125B $149.95                   350BT / BF $329.95

130BT 249.95                   356BT $499.95

150BT $299.95                 560 BTS/ BFS $439.95

570 BTS / BFS $499.95   580 BTS / BFS $579.95

Offset Handle

To minimize strain on the user, the throttle handle on Husqvarna blowers is positioned to neutralize the lateral forces generated by the air stream and the engine.

Noise Dampening

Designed to emit low noise, enabling you to work without concerns if you live in a residential area.Please Click Here for more information.


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