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KODIAK 4X4 Golf Cart



Kodiak 4X4 Golf Cart

Kodiak 4X4 Golf Cart

Curtis 500 amp controller
2 ga wire through out
T-875 Trojan 8 volt batteries
48 volt system
Aluminum Frame
Folding Rear-Seat/Cargo bed
Camo pattern of Choice (see home page)
25″ Grappler All-Terrain tires
12″ Black Steel Rims
Tinted or Clear W/S
Fender Flares Black
2 speed rear end High and Low
Locking Differential
Coil over Front Suspension
Front Differential with drive shaft
Black Factory roof

What makes a Kodiak EV (4X4 Golf Cart) different then any other 4X4 or 4 wheel drive golf cart is the ability to use the car in just 2 wheel drive. This will help conserve battery life compared to most 4 wheel drive cars on the market (Bad Boy Buggies) that use two motors and two controllers that pull off the same battery pack causing very short run time. Our cars run on a two speed rear end (high and low gear), that will engage a drive shaft to the front differential when 4 wheel drive is needed. Please Click Here for more information


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